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Shala Main Line 

Narberth PA

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I discovered yoga while coping with postpartum depression after the birth of my son.  I longed to find something to anchor me.  I fell in love with the asana practice, the movement and flow, and the stability and strength that yoga provided for me.  As a former school teacher, I realized that teaching runs deep in my blood, and my heart ached for the opportunity to teach and touch lives again.  I completed a 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training in May 2015 and began teaching a wide variety of asana movement at multiple studios.  Eager to dive deeper, I completed the 300 hour teacher training at Main Line Yoga Shala in December 2019 entitled “Agni Moksha”.  The translation from Sanskrit is “fire of liberation”, where I was challenged to examine my strengths and my shadows while exploring the vast and rich ancient texts, pranayama techniques, asana practices, and philosophical concepts that fully encompass what yoga is. 

In my journey, I have been fortunate to study with over 50 various teachers throughout the Philadelphia area and I continue to draw inspiration from various teachers, taking classes and workshops whenever I can.  I enjoy guiding students mindfully through safe and responsible movement using body and breath awareness, allowing students to journey within.  I find it is important to empower students to follow their hearts as they journey in their movement practice and noticing that in all things, we find that freedom, that liberation, to burn away the old beliefs and stories that limits our personal growth.  While I believe in living a life filled with joy and gratitude, I find it is equally important to embrace the dark shadows of our lives, as these too, are teaching moments.  All of these experiences, both on and off the mat, inform and guide my teaching and my practice, which then allows me to focus on helping my students better connect to themselves, how they perceive their surroundings, and starting to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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“Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire.”

St. Catherine of Sienna


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